1. International Driving License is required for foreigner and National Driving License for Indonesian, otherwise the insurance will not cover anything if any accident or lost.
2. Rental rate is of insurance include for the Rental Car including any damage, theft of the car or any part of it, will be customer’s own liability up to US $ 500.
3. Rental rates is for 24 hours (daily ) and extra charge of US $ 5.00/hour for every hour the vehicle is not returned in excess of 24 hours from the start-rental time.
4. Renter will be fully responsible to any off-road damages (e.g. beach, field, etc.); theft of the car or any part of it; to any consequence caused by giving or allowing the vehicle to be driven by person other than the renter. Agreement must be signed upon car delivery.
5. It is not permitted to drive the car off the island without prior approval of Car Rental Company.
6. Free delivery to the Airport, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur and Ubud area. Extra charge will be applied for remote area.
7. Make Deposit ( Local only) min IDR. 200.000,- to make a booking, therefore simply completing and send us your Booking Form and your car rental would be prepared on your requested date and time. Payment upon car delivery.
8. We do the best to provide a great car, just in case you / the client do not satisfied with the car condition , wide range of Replacement Car / Substitute Car available . No additional charge.

Payment Method
Account Number BCA : 7705070458
Account Holder : I Nyoman Supartha